Business Attire

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Did any of you ever see the movie Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? Do you remember how rudely Julia's character was treated by the people in Beverly Hills before she went shopping for new clothes?

Luckily, not everyone judges people based on what they wear. However, it is important to dress appropriately for any given situation. In the conversation below, listen to John and I discuss what to wear to an important business meeting. Then tune in to the discussion that follows!


Tanis: John, for this meeting on Friday, I don't know how formal I should be. Are you wearing a suit?
John: I think I'm gonna wear a suit, but something kind of casual.
Tanis: So, do you want me to wear a suit, or should I just, you know, wear like a nice button down shirt and a skirt?
John: I think you can wear whatever you want, whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Tanis: I'm just not sure how casual or how formal to be.
John: I think these guys are pretty laid back. I don't think they're gonna be wearing suits. So whatever you want.
Tanis: Okay, that's good. So what about for, uh, the breakfast the next day.
John: Oh, that's for sure casual. Not jeans or anything like that, but just a nice skirt or something.
Tanis: Okay. I can do that.


Dressing for a business meeting is just one example of the common challenge- what to wear that is just right! A good rule of thumb is that it is always better to be overdressed than it is to be underdressed. Unfortunatley I learned this lesson the hard way!

Last October I went to a Halloween party that said costumes were optional. I had dressed up for the holiday and was wearing an Afro wig, very tight bell-bottom pants and a crazy tube top. When I went to the party, I was the only one wearing a costume, and I felt very silly. However, when you are wearing the wrong thing like I was, the only thing to do is hold your head up high, smile and hope that the night ends quickly!

Do you have any stories to share about wearing the right or the wrong outfit to an event? What about questions regarding what to wear? Come to the Life Goes On message board and let us know!

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What will John wear to the meeting?

a formal suit
a casual suit
jeans and a T-shirt

What should Tanis wear to the meeting?

whatever makes her comfortable
a tube top and bell-bottom pants
jeans and a T-shirt

Will the breakfast be casual or formal?

neither, they should wear costumes

What was one thing Tanis wore to the Halloween party?

false teeth
funny glasses
an Afro wig

BONUS QUESTION - What is a meeting schedule called?

an agenda
a list
a memo