The Easter Bunny

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Easter is a fun holiday, especially for kids. There are many fun events, especially for kids. Like Christmas has Santa Claus, Easter has the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny brings treats and other things for kids.

I enjoy Easter now because I eat a nice dinner with my family. But when I was a kid, it was much more fun. Listen to Migs and I talk about it!


Miguel: Easter's coming up. What are you going to do to celebrate?
John: I'm not sure. You know, it's kind of funny, my mom always still gives me an Easter basket.
Miguel: That's cool. What, what's usually in it?
John: You know, all the normal stuff. Chocolate, dyed eggs, just a bunch of candy and stuff. It's funny though, 'cause usually little kids get that.
Miguel: That's true. I haven't got one of those for years. So, do you still do an Easter egg hunt too?
John: If my mom had her way, we definitely would. But now, we just have dinner, and go to church afterwards.
Miguel: You have all the traditional dinner stuff like ham or lamb or is it a real big deal?
John: No, we usually just mix it up. How about you?
Miguel: Well, we haven't celebrated Easter in a long time, but when I was a kid I loved it. We did the Easter egg hunt and my mom would hide eggs in trees and underneath the cars. I remember one year crawling under the car to get an egg. And, uh, my favorite thing was to compare with my friends and see who got the biggest chocolate bunny.
John: Weren't you afraid of The Easter Bunny?
Miguel: No, I wasn't afraid of the Easter Bunny, I loved the Easter Bunny.


I miss the Easter Bunny. The holiday was much more fun when I believed in him (although he scared me a little). The Easter Bunny brings a basket full of candy. He also hides colored eggs. The kids then do an Easter egg hunt to find them. It's a lot of fun.

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Christmas has Santa Claus. What does Easter have?

the great pumpkin
the Easter Bunny
the Easter duck

What does John's mom still give him on Easter?

an Easter basket
an Easter egg
an Easter outfit

Does John still have an Easter egg hunt?

yes, every other year

Where did Miguel's mom hide Easter eggs?

in trees and under cars
in shoes
around the house

BONUS QUESTION - On which day of the week is Easter celebrated?