Weekend Plans

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Discussing weekend plans is a very common thing to do at the end of the week. Friends often make weekend plans with each other on Wednesday or Thursday.

In the following conversation, Nedra asks Migs if he's doing anything special. Surprisingly, Migs actually does have some plans. He's going to a couple of parties.

Listen to the conversation to learn more.


Nedra: Uh, weekend's coming up Miguel. What are you doing?
Miguel: Well, actually it's funny you asked that 'cause I'm just trying to put my plans together. There are a couple parties I want to go to.
Nedra: Oh yeah? Just some friends of yours or people you don't know?
Miguel: Well one of them is a guy I kinda know. He's having a wine party, so everyone's supposed to bring a really good bottle of wine and then everyone will share and I think we're supposed to have a vote to choose the best one.
Nedra: That could be kind of expensive. Good wine isn't cheap.
Miguel: Yeah, and I have no taste in wine either so I'll probably bring the worst bottle, but um, after that, there's another party, um, that's a Science Fair costume party.
Nedra: What is that?
Miguel: Well, it's kind of weird, but you're supposed to dress up as a science project so, I , I don't know what that means, but I'll have to think of something cool.
Nedra: Yeah, good luck to you on that one.
Miguel: Thanks, I saw some pictures. I guess they do it every year and people, um, just dress up in totally crazy costumes with like food attached to them, and things exploding from their back and all kinds of weird stuff, so it should be interesting.


It sounds like Migs is going to have fun. The first party he's going to will be much different than the second one. The wine party will probably be calm and sophisticated, while the Science Fair party will be exciting and weird.

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How many parties is Migs going to?


Does Migs know the guy who is having the first party?

kind of

What should Migs dress as for the second party?

a cartoon character
a science project
a famous person

How often do they have the Science Fair costume party?

once a year
once a month
once every two years

BONUS QUESTION - What happens at a Science Fair?

people make strange foods to sell
people do science experiments and share the results
people make costumes and show them