The Ring

Starring: Naomi Watts
Martin Henderson

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Hello Movie Fans!

Some of my friends talked me into seeing the horror move, The Ring last week. I really don't like to be scared so I was hesitant to go. I don't like when things jump out of closets or come from under the bed. My friends convinced me I would be all right.

Clearly, I lived to tell Josh about the experience. Listen to our conversation and decide for yourself if you want to experience The Ring.


Josh: Anna, I heard you saw The Ring.
Anna: I did. A couple of my friends talked me into it and I just don't like scary movies so I did not want to go.
Josh: Well, was this one scary? Do you not like them because they're scary?
Anna: I get nightmares if you want me to be totally honest and I hated Silence of the Lambs because it was so scary. So, I think I can say this one had some very scary moments, but mostly it was just weird.
Josh: So, for you a good scary movie is one that's not that scary?
Anna: Well I know that doesn't make sense, but yes. I don't like to be scared, but it had some really cool elements that we all can relate to. So when I went home that night it was likeEeew, that's kinda creepy.
Josh: Well that's cool. Uh, so what's the movie about?
Anna: It's actually a remake of a Japanese movie that I think came from a book and it's all the whole idea of the urban legend. A mysterious videotape, a phone call, 7 days to live and I think what the producers were trying to do was add that element of knowing you were going to die and trying to solve the mystery before you die.
Josh: Well, so do they figure it out before they die?
Anna: Well, that would give away the movie, I'll just say some do, and some don't.


Many of the best horror movies come from urban legends. Urban legends are scary stories passed from one friend to another until a majority of the population has heard the tale. No one is sure if the story is true, which is why it is so scary. It could be true!

Urban legends usually have to have elements that everyone can relate to. In the ring, one of the items is an unmarked videotape. Everyone has tapes like these lying around, are you sure what is on all of yours?

Another classic element is the mysterious phone call. I still get a little creeped out when I get a phone call and no one is on the other end.

One famous legend is that there are alligators in the sewers of New York. No one can prove it, but it is makes a great mysterious legend.

What legends come from your community? Do you know of houses that are reported to be haunted?

See you at the movies!



Why did Anna see the Ring?

her friends convinced her to
she loves scary films
she thought it was a love story

Why doesn't Anna like scary movies?

they don't scare her
they give her nightmares
they're too expensive

Which country does the original story of the Ring come from?


What is the Ring about?

urban legends
famous dead people
scientific facts