Golden Globes

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Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gives awards to the best movies and TV shows. The awards, called the Golden Globes, honor filmmakers, TV producers and actors who create great television shows and motion pictures.

Beth watched the Golden Globes on TV last week. Listen to her tell Anna all about them!


Anna: Hey Beth, I was out all day Sunday. Did you catch the Golden Globes.
Beth: I did Anna, and it was awesome. I watched the previews, and then the results, and the whole deal. It was great!
Beth: Were there any surprises? Who won?
Anna: Well, one of the biggest winners of the evening was, uh, Gene Hackman, and then another really huge winner was, of course, Jack Nicholson, so he won a great award for About Schmidt which I haven't seen yet.
Beth: Excellent. What about any upstarts, people we haven't heard of, who took anything. Remember that?
Anna: Well, actually, Jennifer Aniston finally won an award, so although she's not new to acting she's finally getting recognition this year which is exciting, and that's for Friends.
Beth: Wow! I didn't realize she hadn't won before. She's been around. What about all the gossip that surrounds the Golden Globes? Anything interesting there?
Anna: Oh yeah, well of course Joan Rivers and daughter were in full effect.
Beth: You can always count on them.


The biggest winners in this year's Golden Globes were The Hours and Chicago. Both movies took home multiple awards. In addition, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston both made a big splash. They both looked incredibly beautiful and won very important awards - Nicole for best actress in a movie and Jennifer for best actress in a TV show.

If you're a fan of movies and TV, you'll enjoy watching the Golden Globes. All the biggest stars are dressed to the nines and shining brightly, and it's lots of fun to see them looking their best.

See you at the movies!



Why didn't Anna watch the Golden Globes?

she doesn't have a TV
she was out on Sunday
she doesn't like awards shows

Which of the following people did NOT win an award?

Gene Hackman
Jennifer Aniston
Robin Williams

Who talked about gossip at the awards ceremony?

Joan Rivers
Jennifer Aniston
Gene Hackman

Which of the following did NOT win an award?

the Hours
the Simpsons