Friday After Next

Ice Cube
Mike Epps

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Hello Movie Fans!

The Holiday season is fast approaching which means plenty of Christmas theme movies are now in theaters. This week Zach talks about seeing the movie, Friday After Next, the third installment in a series of comedies about two hapless friends and their adventures.



Josh: Hey Zach, did you see any movies this weekend?
Zach: Yeah, actually I did Josh. I saw uh, Friday After Next.
Josh: How was it?
Zach: Oh it was funny! I thought it was great! I saw the first two; it's the third in a series.
Josh: I think I saw the first one, usually the sequels aren't as good as the first one, but what did you think of this sequel?
Zach: Well I think they're been getting better in this series actually. They, it's a pretty tight team of actors that uh, seem to have developed these very strong characters that are just hilarious and they just seem to be getting better at it each time.
Josh: So who's the funniest character in the movie?
Zach: I think overall it's really hard to say who the best character is, I mean it's just the interaction of everybody together is really what makes it funny. It's just a day in the life of these, this pair of brothers and their family and they get robbed by Santa Claus and they're out of jobs. They go work as a security guard to be able to pay rent and the end of the movie is a big party at their house with all the people in one room together so there're some great moments.
Josh: Ice Cube is a star right? He must be pretty funny in it.
Zach: Yeah he's good, he's kind of the smooth ah, character. He's kind of soft spoken and uh, seems to be the smart one.
Josh: So overall you'd say it's a good a holiday comedy?
Zach: Oh yeah, it's perfect! I mean it's not the best movie you'll ever see, but definitely go check it out.


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It sounds like Zach sure liked the movie and convinced Josh to go see it. My family always enjoys seeing movies during the wintertime. It is a great way to escape the cold weather and take your mind off all of the holiday tasks, like shopping. Seeing a movie like this one where the characters repeat from previous films is kind of like visiting friends.

If you want to have a good laugh, maybe you should check out Friday After Next, it doesn't sound like you need to see the first two for the movie to make sense.

Have a great time,


In this series of movies, which is Friday After Next?

the first
the second
the third

Why does Zach think the movie is so funny?

it has a great script
the actors work well together
it has a great soundtrack

Who is one of the stars of Friday After Next?

Ice Cube
Ice T
Vanilla Ice

Which is one reason Anna and her family like to see movies during this season?

there are discounted tickets
the best movies come out during Christmas
it takes their mind off of holiday chores